Watch Princess Charlotte sing with Katy Perry at the Coronation Concert

Confirmed: Princess Charlotte is a Katy Perry fan.

At the coronation concert at Windsor Castle, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter sang Katy Perry’s “Roar” in the stands. Her mother, the Princess of Wales, nodded and waved a flag next to her:

Many fans noticed the sweet moment, tweeting about Charlotte singing along. “Dear Princess Charlotte sings her lungs out with Katy Perry,” one wrote. Another one said, “Princess Charlotte singing along with Katy Perry is so real and love her for it.” One more tweeter They joked“Princess Charlotte Katy Perry Fan Omg Culture.”

Even Royal Correspondent Richard Eden Tweeted“I suspect that Princess Charlotte may have asked Grandad to book it @gattiberi for that # Coronation concert She knows all the words.

Katy Perry was nearing the end of the concert. The American pop star took to the stage in a dramatic gold gown designed by Vivienne Westwood and said she was thrilled to be performing in support of the British Asia Foundation. Perry also said she was very happy to bring her mom to the concert in Windsor.

Chris Jackson//Good pictures

The Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla Windsor Castle Concert

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Apart from “Garjanai”, he performed his hit song “Fireworks”. Earlier in the night, Lionel Richie, Nicole Scherzinger, Diva Savage, Zach Abel and other artists took the stage. Princess Charlotte’s father, Prince William, appeared on stage to pay tribute to King Charles.

The Coronation Concert was the first of its kind at Windsor Castle; The historic royal residence has never hosted an event of this magnitude before. Except for Princess Charlotte’s little brother Prince Louis, the entire royal family was on hand to enjoy the concert—probably well past his bedtime!

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Katy Perry's preview solidified herself as a pop icon
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