USA"B: Millions are leaving their jobs

The Great Resignation – so called one of the most fascinating phenomena that accompanies the corona plague in the US and has led millions of Americans to the decision to leave their jobs, some after many years in the same position.
1 View the gallery Resignation dismissal job careerResignation dismissal job careerResignation (illustration photo) (Shatterstock) The data for June, published about two weeks ago, showed that 3.9 million people left their jobs in the same month, just a little less than the all-time highs recorded in April – 4 million people, and more than in May, Where there was a slight decrease in the number of resigners which stood at 3.6 million. Although these retirement figures also include dismissals and retirement, most retirees (69% in June) did so of their own free will. The phenomenon coincides with a jump in the number of job openings for job seekers, which reached a peak of 10.1 million in June. 2. Reduction of costs – travel, purchase of meals and clothing; 3. Wages too low; 4. Demand for a socially and health-involved society; 5. The plague exposed unworthy managers; 6. Erosion that leads to a desire to change; 7. A feeling of alienation. Experts in the labor market in Europe estimate that the British market has the data most similar to the American one and therefore there is a chance of experiencing a similar phenomenon there. This is despite the fact that its social services are much broader than those in the US. Others say that while in the US the value of unlimited employment contracts is nil, in Europe the situation is completely different so the chances of Europeans imitating Americans remain slim.

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