The President of Brazil has signed a law that will allow for the infringement of medicines and vaccines for Corona

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonero signed a law yesterday (Thursday) that would allow patent infringements on vaccines and drugs in the event of a public emergency, such as the Corona plague, according to a Reuters news agency report.
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However, Bolsonero vetoed sections of the law that would have required the transfer of knowledge and the supply of raw materials needed to replicate vaccines and drugs. According to a statement issued by the President’s Office, these clauses were perceived as too difficult to implement and as potentially hurting investment in new technology research.
1 View the gallery Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Corona Brasilia 9.6.20Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Corona Brasilia 9.6.20Brazilian President Jair Bolsonero (Photo: Reuters)
Bolsonero originally criticized the law, saying it could hurt Brazil’s commercial applications. By law, it is up to the president to determine when patents may be infringed. The law was approved by parliament last month. Last week, Bolsuero said he estimates there are three alternatives to his future: going to jail, death or winning next year’s election. At this point he is lagging behind in polls behind former president Lola da Silva. “There are three alternatives regarding my future: arrest me, I will kill or win,” he said in a conversation with religious leaders. However, he added that there is no chance he will go to jail because “no one in the world can threaten me”.

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