The impeachment vote against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: What to know

In their 2020 letter, Mr. Paxton’s aides said he committed bribery, abuse of office and other “potential criminal offenses.” The four assistants took their concerns to the FBI and the Texas Rangers.

According to legal filings in the case, the four aides reported their concerns to the attorney general’s office; A few weeks later, they were all fired. The assistants then filed a case, Mr.

During the prosecution, Mr. Paxton’s office was presented 374 page report “AG Paxton committed no crime,” he concluded. He has also challenged the case, but A Texas appeals court ruled against him. In February, Mr. Paxton agreed to pay $3.3 million in a settlement with four former senior aides.

Questions about how the settlement would be paid prompted further investigation into the 2020 allegations.

Mr. Paxton asked the Texas Legislature for $3.3 million in funding. Republican Speaker Tate Phelan, considered a traditional conservative, does not support the use of government money. A House inquiry into the allegations was launched to gather information about the financial claim, Mr. Phelan’s spokesman said.

Mr. Many of the investigators’ findings about Paxton were already publicly known from allegations in the aides’ case. But a House committee vote on Thursday provided the first official ruling on those charges: They were Mr. Legislators said that was enough to begin the process of removing Paxton from office.

Committee filed 20 Articles of Indictment On Thursday Mr. Against Paxton. As they were passed around the House chamber, the committee’s chairman, Republican Andrew Moore, said they described “serious crimes.”

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Articles by Mr. They allege abuses against Paxton, including bribery, neglect of official duty, obstruction of justice in a separate securities fraud case pending against him, making false statements on official documents and reports and abuse of public trust.

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