The administration’s tremendous aid to the aviation industry: $ 74 billion

The American aviation industry has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of government packages designed to help corona victims.
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According to Skipt, an American travel news site that specializes in travel, since the outbreak, the Trump and Biden governments have provided airlines with $ 74 billion in aid. In 2020, the administration also extended the validity of low-cost loans granted to airlines totaling $ 25 billion. In return for the assistance, the US Treasury demanded from the larger airlines options for shares and a refund of 30% of the salary grants. To declare bankruptcy. In addition, the number of people employed in industry stood at more than 700,000 at the end of May, representing a decrease of only 6% since February 2020, a month before the outbreak (airlines received the grants only after more than 30,000 were taken out). According to the Serium website, which provides data from the aviation sector, occupancy at the local airport in the United States jumped between the first and second quarter by an impressive 35%. And compared to the situation two years ago, data in June showed that it fell by only 19% in the last quarter.2 View Gallery Delta AirlinesDelta AirlinesA Delta Airlines (Bloomberg) plane According to a Reuters analysis, American airlines benefited from taxpayer assistance more than its competitors in Canada or Latin America, where two major airlines were forced to declare bankruptcy. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that the US will be one of only three domestic markets in the world – the others are China and Russia – where the number of passengers will reach pre-epidemic levels this year. 2 View Gallery Air France Charles de Gaulle Paris AirportAir France Charles de Gaulle Paris AirportAir France aircraft (Photo: AFP) Not only to national airlines after years of privatization, also in Europe the plague led to extensive government assistance to national airlines that were in deep crisis. At the beginning of the crisis, Italy nationalized Alitalia, and at the beginning of the year, the French government increased its holdings in Air France-KLM to 30%. In Germany, the government spent € 9 billion on a 20% stake in Lufthansa, and the governments of Sweden and Portugal also bought shares in SAS and TAP Air Portugal. Not only national airlines have received aid in Europe: Ryanair, which has launched a legal battle against the rescue of its European competitors, also received special aid from the British government in the form of a $ 730 million loan. According to Deutsche Walla A total of $ 30 billion in assistance, with nearly half of that amount transferred to just two companies – Lufthansa and KLM.

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