Study: Modern’s vaccine produces more than twice as many antibodies as Pfizer

A study comparing immune responses to two major vaccines against Corona found that Moderna’s produced more than twice the amount of antibodies produced by the Pfizer and Biontech vaccines. Read more in Calcalist: FDA gives full approval for Pfizer vaccine against coronary vaccine efficacy dropped to 39% in infection prevention, and to 91% in serious disease prevention FDA adds warning to Pfizer vaccines and modernity: Small chance of heart infection Doses of one of the two companies, published yesterday (Monday) in the scientific journal Journal of American Medicine. The study showed that participants who were infected before receiving the vaccine had higher levels of antibodies than those who were not infected, and that the modern vaccine showed better performance in both groups. 1 View the gallery Modern Corona and Pfizer vaccinesModern Corona and Pfizer vaccinesTo the right of the modern vaccine and next to Pfizer (Photo: AFP) In those infected in the past, antibody levels were 2,881 ml with the modern vaccine, and 1,108 ml with the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine. The study suggests two reasons for the differences in antibody levels between vaccines, including the greater interval between two doses of modern vaccine – 4 weeks – compared to the 3 weeks in Pfizer vaccine. In addition, the researchers said that the modern vaccine had a higher concentration of the key component used in both vaccines. Antibody levels were found to be negatively correlated with age in previously uninfected individuals, and higher levels were found in vaccines under 35, according to the study.

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