Starting sentence of "Biomed billionaire"; She alleges abuse by her ex-partner

The first phase of the trial of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the controversial blood test company Tranus, accused of fraud, began today in the U.S., with a jury trial in San Jose, California. (56), her ex-partner, who served as co-president of Terranos, defrauded both consumers who bought and used the test and investors who were convinced they would benefit from investing in the company. According to the indictment, Holmes actually endangered the lives of thousands of people. Imprisoned in the meantime, Holmes claims to be innocent. Teranus was founded in 2003, and the technology he introduced made it possible to perform over 200 diverse blood tests – from a simple glucose test to complex fertility tests – using just a few drops of blood. This gave the company a value of $ 9 billion in 2014. Since Holmes held about half of the shares in Terranos, it soared to 110th place on the list of 400 richest people in the United States with an estimated fortune of $ 4.5 billion, but a 2015 study by the Wall Street Journal revealed Because it actually uses technology developed only for a limited number of tests and the results it provides to Customers are inaccurate. In 2018, the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused Holmes of a “huge scam” of investors. Rupert Murdoch, Betsy Debus – the Trump administration’s education minister, and Mexican billionaire Carlos Salim – lost $ 700 million following the company’s collapse, and Holmes settled the charge by paying $ 500,000 without pleading guilty.
2 View the gallery Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Terranus in 2019, is on trialElizabeth Holmes, founder of Terranus in 2019, is on trialElizabeth Holmes (Getty)
The affair has received extensive media coverage, so the selection of jurors will not be easy – dozens of potential jurors were disqualified today, after answering in an early interview that they were exposed to the affair in a way that could affect their judgment. Wrong answers; For example, a woman whose test allegedly showed fetal malformations – even though the pregnancy was normal; A person who has been mistakenly diagnosed with prostate cancer; And two patients who were mistakenly diagnosed with HIV. Holmes ‘lawyers say the cases are not a representative sample of the millions of tests performed on Thranus’ platform. Bloani’s lawyers rejected these allegations, calling them “scandalous.” A separate indictment has been filed against Bluani, and his trial will begin in February 2022.
2 View the gallery Elizabeth Holmes is the founder of Teranus who is on trialElizabeth Holmes is the founder of Teranus who is on trialElizabeth Holmes and Tarnos’ test tube (Uriel Cohen)

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