Now in the US"B: IKEA will sell second-hand furniture

IKEA launches pilot in the US to repurchase furniture purchased at its branches and sell it as second-hand furniture, with the intention of presenting the service in all branches in the country in the future. Read more in Calcalist: IKEA has invested $ 22.5 million in fintech company Jifiti IKEA Expands to Housing: Selling 500 Apartments in China The pilot program will take place at the IKEA store in Conch-Hawken, a suburb of Philadelphia, Monday through Sept. 19 and then in additional markets, CNBC reported, a similar plan has already been made in 27 other countries. , Including the United Kingdom, Canada and France, with the network aiming to make its business “greener”.
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The members of the chain club will be able to sell their used furniture for credit in the store. The items will then be available for resale in the retailer’s “As is” department at discounted prices. Any customer can join the club and enjoy the program for free. The furniture will be assessed according to their condition, age and functionality, while certain categories of products such as chests of drawers will not be included in the program. The products that the chain reported will be part of the program include cabinets and cabinets, office desks and drawers, sideboards, bookcases and shelving units, small desks, multimedia furniture, dining tables and chairs. ” A better future for both people and the planet, “said IKEA Director of Sustainability Jennifer Kisson. CNBC further reported that more and more retailers are responding today to customers’ demand for durable products, which have become popular among the younger generations. In recent months, networks such as Gap, Macy’s, JC Penny, and J.Crow’s Madewell brand have partnered with the second – hand sales platform ThredUp to explore the market for these products.
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A survey by Piper Sandler found that 47% of teens bought second-hand products and 55% sold second-hand products. The survey also showed that teens allocate 8% of their shopping time to second-hand purchases. Although most of the demand has focused on second-hand clothes, IKEA hopes that the furniture market can also enjoy the trend and grow accordingly. According to the Fox network, the second-hand global furniture market is expected to grow to about $ 16.5 billion by the end of 2025. Earlier this week, the retailer said it had started selling in Sweden, its home market, electricity produced in solar and wind facilities. It was further reported that network customers will be able to use the app to track their power consumption and that customers who have already purchased solar panels from it can also track their production in the app and resell the electricity they do not use. IKEA has so far sold solar panels in 11 markets and is investing more than $ 270 million in solar projects in Russia, the Recharge Energy website reported.

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