Names of 11 victims of Monterey Park shooting

Authorities in Los Angeles released the identities of the 11 people killed in a shooting at a Monterey Park ballroom on Tuesday. Many of the victims of the Lunar New Year attack were Chinese immigrants.

Six women and five men were shot and killed at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, aged between 57 and 76. The studio was a popular haven in the Los Angeles suburb of Monterey Park. Asian immigrants. It was often accompanied by a tight-knit community of devout dancers who went there to take lessons, socialize and stay active.

Among those killed was the studio’s manager, Ming Mao. A local who took classes at Star Ballroom described He is a “community impresario, hiring dancers in studios, hosting karaoke nights and putting on shows”. Another victim was Hong Jian. Known as Nancy LiuImmigrated from China 25 years ago and frequented the Star Ballroom.

Here are the names of the victims released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, which spelled them differently at various points this week:

  • Valentino Marcos AlveroMale, 68

  • Hongqing JianFemale, 62,

  • Yu Lun GaoMale, 72

  • Lillian LiFemale, 63

  • my nanFemale, 65

  • Ming Wei MaMale, 72

  • Diana Man Ling TamFemale, 70

  • Muwoi Dei UngFemale, 67

  • Chia Ling YaoMale, 76

  • Wen Dou YuMale, 64

  • Xiuzhuang YuFemale, 57

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