From today: the maximum speed allowed on the streets of Paris – 30 km"That

From today, Paris drivers need to get used to a new regulation: lowering the speed limit from 50 to 30 km / h on almost all the streets of the French capital.
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Installation purposes are to improve road safety and reduce noise and pollution. The new regulation will have only a few exceptions, for example on the Champs Elysees, where the speed limit will remain at 50 km / h.
2 View the gallery Paris speed limit 30 km / hParis speed limit 30 km / hParis limits speed to 30 km / h (Photo: Reuters)
The new regulation has won the support of 59% of Paris residents, according to a consultancy firm hired last year by the municipality. The safety element was the most prominent consideration, given the data that found that lowering the speed limit may reduce bodily injuries as a result of accidents by about 25%. It should be noted, however, that in about 60% of the streets of Paris there was already a limit of 30 km / h. Professionals who have to cross Paris daily. Other opponents of the move argue that a recent study found that pollution generated at a lower level at a driving speed of 70 km / h, compared to 30 km / h.
2 View the gallery Paris speed limit 30 km / hParis speed limit 30 km / hSpeed ​​limit in Paris, 30 km / h (Photo: AFP)

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