For the third time: Google postpones the return of employees to offices

Google is postponing the return of employees to offices for the third time, while the contagious Delta strain continues to spread.
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The company’s CEO Sonder Pichai announced in a post he published that the currently scheduled return date is January 10. A number of other technology companies, including Amazon, Facebook and Apple, are now re-evaluating their return plans to their office.
1 View the gallery Sonder Pichai CEO"To Google AlphabetSonder Pichai CEO"To Google AlphabetSonder Pichai, CEO of Google Alphabet (Photo: Bloomberg)
Pichai said the postponement would give workers more flexibility. After January 10, the company will allow its branches in different countries and places to decide for themselves when to end the work policy from home. Google has changed its workplace policy several times based on health care guidelines in the various places where it operates. “The road ahead may be a little longer and harder than we hoped, but I am still optimistic that we will get through it together,” Pichai wrote. In December, Google postponed the return to offices to September 1, a date after which employees were required to report to the workplace at least three days a week. In July, Pichai announced a second postponement, to October 18, saying employees returning to offices would be required to be vaccinated.

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