Eli Apple makes fun of Stephen Diggs, makes fun of Tamar Hamlin

The Cincinnati Bengals upset the apple cart at Highmark Stadium. Dissolution of Bills And their Super Bowl aspirations.

Then the rat apple rotted.

Apple, the Bengals cornerback who enjoys playing the villain, mocked Bills wide receiver Stephen Diggs. In a tweet Monday evening. It may include a hidden shot at Tamar Hamlin.

Diggs, who had not spoken publicly since the Bills’ exit from the playoffs, was fired Three tweets At two minute intervals:

  • “Does it matter if I lose? No.”
  • “Should I be good when our level of play isn’t up to par? No.”
  • “It’s easier to criticize my reaction than the result.”

“Cancun on 3,” Quote-tweeted by Apple, Damar Hamel’s signature salute, with the heart-hands-making emoji as the football world rallied around him. Hamlin no. 3 wears and “Play for 3” emerged as the Bills’ motto, but the Cancun proverb remains a popular sports insult.

Apple hasn’t stopped mocking the Dicks and Bills out there. He sent more than 20 retweets Middle finger; Videos featuring Josh Allen A fake Inside Big games Who could not put More than 10 points; Video featuring Dix and Allen Trash; A memorial Teasing ticks To see opposing teams celebrate; A clip from the game Apple gesture Dix was noticed by the coaches when he was on his knees; An animation Apple-slapped cutouts Josh Allen, Gabe Davis, Stephen Diggs, Sean McDermott and the leaders of the Buffalo Division.

“Someone get them couples therapy,” Apple tweeted above a video of a frustrated Diggs on the sideline late in the loss to the Bengals. “I pay to God.” Apple tagged Allen and Diggs in the tweet.

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The CBS broadcast showed a demonstrative Dicks speaking in the direction of Allen and a Bills staff member. Allen never looked up from the tablet on the bench.

Diggs received critical acclaim I came out of Highmark Stadium Immediately after the 27-10 loss. Duke Johnson chased Dicks. The one who left the locker room Head coach Sean McDermott addressed the team and urged the star wide receiver to return briefly. Diggs was not available to the media on Sunday or Monday.

“He’s just as frustrated as we all are,” McDermott told reporters on locker cleanout day. “He was there today. He and I talked, and I’ll leave it at that. McDermott praised Diggs’ competitiveness and passion for what the team wants.

Apple He dropped a pass in the end zone The Bills went on fourth-and-6 from their own 20-yard line midway through the fourth quarter. Bills ran to the sidelines and celebrated Continue to gestureDance, and Raise his hands To bask in victory.

Apple leaned against a wall and conducted post-game interviews Smoking a cigar in the locker room.

“We’re the big guys,” Apple said.

Hamlin Participated in divisional round match with his mother and younger brother within three weeks leading to a heart attack and revived on the field in Cincinnati. All of his Twitter and Instagram posts included heart hands amid his recovery from hospital beds in Cincinnati and Buffalo.

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Bills players have the number on their jerseys and caps. 3 honored Hamlin with patches, and repeatedly clasped their hands in the shape of a heart. To celebrate the touch In their first game since Hamlin’s medical emergency. Hamlin’s heart-shaped signal is widespread in buffalo, it appears Ice sculptures, MuralsAnd Shirts.

Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow already rankled Bills fans in a postgame interview and subsequent Instagram post.

“Better send that money back,” Burrow told Tracy WolfsonA barb representing the league Over 50,000 tickets are sold For Buffalo and Kansas City season-ticket holders, the Bills-Chiefs neutral-site AFC Championship Game in Atlanta. The NFL had ticket presales for every possible site last week. His Two word Instagram caption “Uninvited guests,” he said. The An official account of Bengalis “Make sure you get that money back,” he added with the tweet.

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