Does not stop growing: "Amazon will recruit 55,000 employees in the coming months"

Amazon plans to recruit 55,000 new employees in the coming months for a long list of positions, in the technological field and in the headquarters and division jobs. This is what Amazon’s new CEO Andy Jassy told Reuters.
Read more in Calcalist: For the first time: Amazon will allow purchase in installments Revolution? Amazon wants to be Macy’s Amazon crushes its competitors: providing them with a delivery service such a number of employees is equivalent to more than a third of Google’s workforce as of the end of June, and close to the number of all Facebook employees. For Amazon, this is a 20% increase in the number of its employees in the world, which currently stands at about 275,000. Jesse said in his first media interview since taking office in early July this year that the company needs more manpower to meet demand in its retail operations, the cloud division and the advertising business. To this must be added Amazon’s satellite program, Project Kuiper, which alone will require a large recruitment of employees. Amazon’s big employee fair (Career Day) opens on September 15, and the incoming CEO told Reuters that this is a great time to recruit new employees: “There are so many jobs that have been copied or changed, and there are so many people thinking about changing jobs their”.

1 View the gallery Andy Jassy will be appointed CEO"Amazon later this year is now CEO"To the Company's Computing and Cloud Services DivisionAndy Jassy will be appointed CEO"Amazon later this year is now CEO"To the Company's Computing and Cloud Services DivisionAndy Jesse (Photo: Reuters)
According to him, a survey conducted by the accounting firm PwC found that 65% of participants want a new job. “This is part of what we think will make our ‘career day’ so useful and one that comes at just the right time.” A few months ago, Alabama’s workers’ attempt to form a union failed, but revealed some of the company’s extreme practices, including its fierce struggle against workers trying to organize for the betterment of conditions. Following the revelation, controlling shareholder (and CEO at the time) Jeff Bezos said Amazon was indeed required to improve its attitude towards employees. Asked how he intends to change the company’s work culture, Jesse said the company’s strong focus on its customers and innovation would help “Everyone in society has the freedom, and in fact that’s the expectation – to critically examine how it can be done better, and then come up with ways to do it better.”

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