Covid-19 / China: no contamination for more than a month

China did not register any new cases of Covid-19 of local origin on its soil on Monday, which is a first for more than a month.

Having largely controlled the Covid epidemic since the spring of 2020, the Asian country has, however, been facing a resurgence of contamination on its soil since July, despite some of the most stringent health measures in the world.

Initially detected at Nanjing airport (east), the outbreak has spread to nearly half of the country’s provinces, sickened more than a thousand and led to the confinement of several million inhabitants.

This is the largest epidemic rebound in China in terms of geographic extent, since the appearance of the first cases of Covid in the country at the end of 2019.

The capital Beijing and the city of Wuhan (center), which at the start of the epidemic was the first in the world to impose a strict quarantine on its 11 million inhabitants, were notably affected.

However, the country has recorded 21 new so-called “imported” cases, that is to say people returning from abroad and infected.

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