"Catastrophic damage": The hurricane "Ida" Hit in the southern United States"B

Hurricane “Ida” hit last night (Sunday)’) In the southern United States with winds of about 240 km / h. Roofs and sheds of buildings flew in the winds, streets were flooded – and the entire city of New Orleans, along with its suburbs, was cut off from electricity. In all, more than a million people were left without electricity in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana as a result of the storm’s damage. Storm Ida is considered the fifth strongest in U.S. history. Hours after hitting the shores of Louisiana, it weakened to a magnitude 2 hurricane, with winds of about 175 mph.
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“It’s going to be stronger than we normally see. To be honest, if I had to chart the worst hurricane route in Louisiana, it’s going to be very, very close to what we see,” said Louisiana G.’Van Bell-Edwards. As a result of the strong winds, sheds and roofs of buildings flew in the air and boats detached from moorings. The New Orleans Coast Guard reported more than a dozen vessels detached from moorings, one of which even hit the bridge. The entire city of New Orleans, along with its suburbs, has been cut off from electricity – and according to the city’s electricity supplier – this is “catastrophic” damage to the area’s electricity system. In Louisiana County, Louisiana, a man was killed by a tree that fell on it. “Roofs can be seen flying from buildings in all sorts of places,” the Louisiana governor added. “This is one of the most powerful storms of modern times.”
3 View the gallery New Orleans Hurricane Ida Ida New Orleans Hurricane Ida Ida New Orleans (Photo: Getty Images North America) U.S. officials explain they could not arrange evacuation An overall duty of New Orleans residents, as “Ida” strengthened at record speed – three days – which did not leave enough time to prepare. “Crouch,” New Orleans Mayor Toya Canterl called out to residents who remained in the city. President of the United States c’And Biden declared the state of Louisiana a disaster-stricken area, and ordered federal aid to be sent to it. Storm Ida began as a tropical storm in the Caribbean three days ago, and intensified within a few days of a hurricane. New Orleans resident 68-year-old Robert Raffin decided to move with his family to a hotel where he estimated it would be safer. “It’s doubled and multiplied this time, because of the corona,” he said of the feelings. Towards the end of the storm, Louisiana authorities ordered residents living in coastal and low-lying areas to evacuate their homes. Residents of the country well remember the disaster that Hurricane Katrina inflicted on them, when more than 1,800 people were killed in a magnitude 3 storm, less powerful than Ida.
3 View the gallery Hurricane Strong Storm Ida Ida USA New OrleansHurricane Strong Storm Ida Ida USA New Orleans New Orleans Reporter (Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA) Heavy due to the corona wave plaguing the country. Louisiana is ranked third in the morbidity rate out of 50 U.S. states, and last Friday more than 3,400 new infections were reported. The number of Corona patients hospitalized at the time was 2,700. The governor acknowledged that dealing with a hurricane in such a situation is a difficult task. third’And Biden said last night that the hurricane is life-threatening and is expected to leave tremendous damage behind. He noted that his government was preparing for the worst situation. “It will take weeks for us to get the electricity back to some places after the hurricane,” Biden added.

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