Britain fights plastic: plans to ban the use of disposable utensils

The UK government has announced its plan to ban the use of disposable utensils, including styrofoam cups, as part of what it has defined as a “war on plastics”. Government ministers have said the move will help reduce plastic waste and reduce the size of the oceans. A round of talks will begin this autumn to implement the move, and according to the UK government, other items may be included in the ban. Read more in Calcalist: Absurd: Taxation will reduce consumption Network owners: “Plastic tool tax will hurt the weak and will not reduce consumption” The EU is working to ban the use of disposable plastic products. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are already planning to impose a ban on the use of a lump sum, while a similar ban has come into force in the EU last month, although only a few countries have implemented it so far. UK ministers have hoped to introduce similar moves under the emerging environmental law, including a deposit plan for plastic bottles, to encourage recycling and a tax on plastic packaging.1 View Gallery Plastic cutlery platesPlastic cutlery platesPlastic plates and cutlery (Photo: Getty) According to BBC publications, the one-time tool ban law may enter into force only in 2023, while in Israel a move has only begun to impose a tax on these tools. “This is the tip of the iceberg.” “We need a much more far-reaching move on the part of the government,” said a spokeswoman for the environmental activists’ organization. We are facing a plastic crisis, and need to turn off the tap. These tools kill marine creatures, harm our ecosystems and endanger our health. ” Plastic and 1.8 billion ear charms.The ban exempted people with disabilities, who need difficulties.According to data published on in June, the UK ranks tenth in the list of ocean pollutants with plastic waste.The leader is India, followed by China, Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand .

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