2023 Oscar Nominations Live: ‘Everywhere At Once’ Leads

Everyone in Hollywood agrees that the Oscars are broken, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Stops and starts – Changed adjusting broadcast to six alarm priority. The academy, under new management, has no chance after last year’s debacle Will Smith angrily slaps Chris Rock Before winning the Best Actor trophy, it stunned the audience and embarrassed the elite of cinema.

Specific plans for the show are still under wraps. So far, the Academy will have one host (Jimmy Kimmel, who has done the job twice before) and 23 episodes. Delivered live. (There were eight sidelined (For last year’s commercial break, in a futile attempt to save time.) Unlike in previous years, the Academy actually appointed producers on television. Experience In creating live television.

Fewer stars have attended the Oscars in the past decade because they don’t want to sit through the marathon event. (Celebs: They’re just like us!) Academy officials have said they plan to make a renewed push for A-list participants. But one star — Smith — won’t be invited, although Best Actor winners routinely return to present the Best Actress Oscar. Academy Banned him Since attending for 10 years because of his “harmful behavior” towards Rock.

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