Sunday, November  29th, 2015 at 7:48 am
  • Senator Bob Huff Emphasizes Importance of Education

    Sacramento — Senator Bob Huff (R – Diamond Bar), hosted an Education Summit at Citrus College in Glendora.

    The Education Summit provided a chance for the education community to hear from a panel of experts in various levels of education. Attendees had an opportunity to dialogue with the speakers and share their concerns about education issues in California, spanning from K-12 to Career Technical Education to higher education.

    Kathryn Radtkey-Gaither, California Undersecretary of Education and one of the state’s leading education experts was the guest speaker at the Summit. Additionally, Senator Gloria Romero, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, spoke about the educational challenges California faces and about her committee’s priorities for the legislative year. Other panel participants included: Dr. Edmond Heatley, Superintendent of Chino Valley Unified School District, Mrs. Joanne Montgomery, Citrus College Trustee, and Dr. J. Michael Ortiz, President of Cal Poly Pomona.

    "This event is a prime example of Bob Huff’s commitment to education and the students of his district," said Dr. J. Michael Ortiz, President, Cal Poly Pomona.

    "The purpose of this summit was to provide a forum in which education advocates, business leaders, school board members, superintendents, teachers, community leaders and parents could come together to find solutions for the betterment of education in California," Senator Huff said.

    "Every child in California should have access to the best education possible and be given the tools they need to succeed in life and achieve their dreams," commented Senator Bob Huff. "As Vice Chair of the Senate Education Committee, I remain committed to working together in order that we might make our education system the envy of the world as it once was."

    Senator Bob Huff represents portions of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties.

  • Census Bureau Will Be Out Verifying Addresses

    Beginning April 6, 2009 the U.S. Census Bureau will have volunteers out canvassing neighborhoods to verify addresses in preparation for the actual census on their hand held computers.

    The volunteers will have identification badges to indicate they are employees of the U.S. Census Bureau.

    The Bureau will be holding press conferences on all the local news stations on April 6, to spread the word and let the community know they will be in your neighborhood, and not to be alarmed.

    The Census Bureau will be canvassing beginning April 6, until the middle of June 2009.

  • Exploring Earth Day

    Have you ever wondered how Earth Day came about or why it is important? Depending on what story you hear first, there are two different people that claim they started Earth Day. The first is a gentleman named John McConnell who made a name for himself as a peace activist. As the story goes, he first introduced the idea of the global holiday, "Earth Day," in 1969 at a conference in San Francisco and later to the City of San Francisco whom adopted the first Earth Day Proclamation. McConnell’s passion for the planet was rare at the time but he was inspired by the first picture of Earth from space printed in Life magazine. McConnell felt it necessary to create a worldwide holiday that celebrated the life and beauty of the planet as well as honor its fragility. The second gentleman with claim to the creation of Earth Day was Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator from Wisconsin. On April 22, 1970, he called for an environmental teach-in, or Earth Day that was modeled after the frequent Vietnam War protests held on local college campuses. Nelson was known as a conservationist and recognized the need for exposure to the many environmental concerns that were being ignored both nationally and internationally. As a result, Nelson’s idea attracted approximately 20 million Americans with the common goal of bringing attention to the degradation of the environment.

    Regardless of who you believe was the originator of Earth Day, 1969-1970 was an important turning point in history. Previous generations viewed natural resources as never ending and that the exploitation of these resources was without consequence. In the early 20th century, people accepted blackened skies and rivers of fire caused by intense and uncontrolled pollution.

    Today, the situation is much different with more people realizing the importance of conservation and environmental protection. The origin of Earth Day marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement with a goal of a healthy, sustainable environment. On Earth Day, let’s remember to appreciate nature and learn ways to protect our environment. For some easy ways to help on Earth Day and every day, follow these ideas:

    Recycle whenever possible – residents can recycle by placing appropriate items in their gray bins and green waste in green bins. Used oil can also be placed with bins on regular trash days for proper recycling.

    Properly dispose of hazardous materials - items such as old paints, fluorescent lights, fertilizers, pesticides, expired pharmaceuticals, cleaners, and electronic waste should not be thrown in the regular trash. These items should be taken to a Countywide Household Hazardous Waste or electronic waste collection event (call 1-888-Clean LA for the next event).

    Prevent storm water pollution - through the conduct of daily activities, various pollutants can enter the storm drain. Do your part by preventing the most common pollutants released into storm drains:

    3 Fuel and motor oil leaking from cars

    3 Household cleaning products

    3 Improperly disposed paint and paint thinners

    3 Paper, cups, and other litter

    3 Yard waste and fertilizers

    3 Animal waste left from household pets

    Conserve our precious water supply – water is a very limited resource in Southern California so please be sure to not waste it. Don’t over irrigate landscapes and limit water use indoors by fixing leaky faucets or turning water off when not in use.

    For further information on these and other environmental efforts by the City of La Verne, please contact Customer Service at (909) 596-8744.

  • Cool Cruise Classic Car Show

    The annual Cool Cruise classic car show will be held in Old Town La Verne, at D Street and Bonita Avenue, from morning to late afternoon, on Saturday, April 11th. This will be the 13th Cool Cruise event to be held over the last 10 years. The Cool Cruise is always by far the biggest annual event in Old Town and this year promises the same. Some 900 classic vehicles are anticipated, bringing in over 10,000 visitors to Old Town. Once again, The Answer will be on hand to play their brand of classic rock. The day is always a great one, so plan to attend.

    Cool Cruise is sponsored by the Old Town La Verne Merchants and the City of La Verne. For more information, please contact the City of La Verne at (909) 596-8706.

  • Dreier: Americans Need Jobs, Not More Government

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman David Dreier (R-San Dimas, CA), Rules Committee Ranking Republican, voted against a massive increase in government spending and vowed to continue fighting for policies that will help working families and small business weather the current economic storm. Dreier opposed the conference report accompanying H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which passed the House 246-183, with one member voting present.

  • Gale Pacific USA Inc. Launches Appeal for Animal Victims of Australian Bushfires

    Altamonte Springs, Florida — Gale Pacific USA Inc., a leading marketer of pet and shade products, announced the launch of Aussie Pet Aid to assist with animal recovery efforts following the devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia.

    The bushfires represent the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history. While the tragedy is still unfolding, it is clear that hundreds of people have perished or were seriously injured. Over 700 homes have been destroyed.

    Less visible but equally affected, are the untold number of animals that have been affected by the bushfires, including household pets that have been hurt and are homeless or in shelters.

    Already, relief efforts are underway to support families directly affected by the bushfires and to assist with recovery efforts. President Obama has pledged U.S. aid as well as offered condolences to the bushfire victims.

    Drawing attention to the large number of animals that will also require assistance, Gale Pacific is appealing for donations to assist with animal recovery efforts. 100% of the funds raised from the appeal will be used to get much needed supplies to animal rescue centers, including bedding and shading.

    Donations can be made via the website www.aussiepet or directly at 1-800-560-4667.

    A subsidiary of an Australian company, Gale Pacific USA Inc., has been involved with animal recovery efforts in the past, most recently providing assistance to the LA ASPCA following the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

    For more information about Gale Pacific USA Inc. or Aussie Pet Aid please contact Martin Denney at 1-407 772-7900 EXT.211.

  • KSAK Has Its Biggest Year at the Golden Mike Awards

    WALNUT — Mt. San Antonio College radio broadcasting students had their best year ever, with 90.1 KSAK winning six Golden Mike awards at the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California’s annual awards ceremony held recently at the Universal Hilton in Hollywood. KSAK’s six Golden Mikes this year tied for most awards with Southland stations KFI, KFWB, and KCLU.

    Student Daniel Nolte (Walnut) won a Golden Mike for Best Radio Traffic Report in Division B for radio stations with fewer than five full-time staff. The award was Nolte’s fourth Golden Mike as a radio broadcasting student at Mt. SAC.

    KSAK won the Best Documentary award for its "A Voice In Your Life" tribute to the late Don LaFontaine, known as the king of voiceovers. LaFontaine, who died in 2008, was the voice of more than 5,000 movie trailers and television and radio commercials estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

    The Mt. SAC station also won three Division B Golden Mikes for its "Sense on the Dollar" series, a consumer program that deals with how to save money and be environmentally responsible. The series won awards for Best Use of Sound, Best Business and Consumer Reporting, and Best Individual Writing.

    KSAK operations coordinator Cason Smith (Rowland Heights) and students Karlo Sy Su (Walnut), Danny Saldana (West Covina), and Jeff Bowe (San Dimas) together won the Division B Best Radio Sports Segment award.

    "Among these top-performing stations, only KSAK uses students in on-air positions," said Smith, who has been the operations coordinator at KSAK for eight years and also teaches broadcasting at Mt. SAC. "It’s really amazing when you consider the competition that this college radio station goes up against."

    The Mt. SAC radio station has won 14 Golden Mikes in the past four years.

    The Radio and Television News Association of Southern California annually honors the best in radio and television, ranging from the major networks to college stations.


  • Too Little Too Late

    The recent rains, although burdensome to drivers and those seeking to enjoy a warm day outdoors, is a welcome friend to water purveyors. However, even with what seems to be an immense amount of rain will in actuality do little to ease the need for conservation this summer.

    "Too little too late" is likely the moniker that will plague California for years to come. California’s main water sources have been severely impacted by record dry conditions and court ordered pumping shut downs to protect endangered species. This double duo has been hurting water supplies for the last few years, but consumers haven’t yet noticed because reserves stored in reservoirs have been used to maintain regular supplies. Unfortunately, those reservoirs have all but emptied and are no longer available to supplement the growing thirst for water. The reality is that storms are welcomed but it would take several years of record precipitation to cure the ills that have taken place recently.

    Water rationing and mandatory restrictions are likely this summer and La Verne like other surrounding agencies will be tasked with cutting back at least 10 to 20 percent compared to water usage last year. This amount of conservation will require all water customers to take considerable steps to meet this goal and will likely require some major changes in how consumers view water. It can no longer be viewed as something that can be taken advantage of but must be treated as a very precious resource.

    Conservation is the only answer to the current "too little too late" dilemma and the only way to maintain the high quality of life that residents have come to enjoy.

    Customers can visit www. for tips on how to conserve water and to find rebates on water saving devices. For other information on La Verne’s water supply and conservation efforts, please contact Customer Service at (909) 596-8744.

  • Dreier, Conyers Call for Direct Election of All U.S. Senators

    WASHINGTON D.C. — Congressman David Dreier (R-San Dimas, CA), House Rules Committee Ranking Republican, was joined by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) in introducing a constitutional amendment that calls for the direct election of all U.S. Senators, including those filling out-of-cycle vacancies. The amendment has also been introduced in the Senate by Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI), John McCain (R-AZ), and Mark Begich (D-AK). Original co-sponsors in the House are House Judiciary Committee Ranking Republican Lamar Smith (R-TX), House Judiciary Constitution Subcommittee Ranking Republican Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Congressman Pedro R. Pierluisi (D-PR).


    There are times when "THANK YOU" seems inadequate to express appreciation and gratitude. My retirement from service as Mayor of the City of La Verne is one such occasion.

    It has been an honor and privilege to be your Mayor. I’ve invested a great deal of time and energy; the return on this investment has multiplied many times, far beyond what I’ve put in.

    La Verne is a wonderful city, mainly due to the people who live and work here. Together we’ve met many challenges; I’m sure there are many more to come. I’m absolutely confident that our City Council, staff, and community members will continue the teamwork which has developed a smooth, efficient, effective, and user-friendly local government.

    There are several priorities which have been solid commitments during my service as Mayor. One has been a constant focus on quality of life, and all that this includes. Other major priorities have been teamwork and partnerships...working together in positive and productive ways. A final priority, influencing everything I’ve tried to do, is integrity. Hopefully these priorities are clearly evident.

    I especially want to thank my wife Joan, and our two children, Laura and Todd. Their support, encouragement, patience, and understanding have greatly contributed to the joy which I’ve experienced as Mayor.

    I love La Verne, and I’ve loved being your Mayor. My wife and I plan to continue living in La Verne, spending more time together, enjoying family and hobbies, and travel. This has been a wonderful, rewarding, and challenging experience, for which I extend my deepest and most sincere Thank You!


    From Jon Blickenstaff